…all right, after a few hours I’ve finally managed to get a new U-Boot compiled with support for the full compliment of RAM installed on the MK802. This having been said, as to whether this has just been a cosmetic or functional change, I’m not one hundred percent certain.

A few bullet points as to how to start have been included below. For more detailed information on formatting the card and getting the Allwinner U-Boot sources, see this great resource.

  1. Check out the Allwinner U-Boot sources via GIT.
  2. Download and install install the CodeSourcery ARM Toolchain.
  3. Compile a new U-Boot for the sun4i platform.
  4. Format a new μSD Card with a FAT16 and EXT3 partition - the former starting from block 2048.
  5. Use dd to install the newly compiled SPL and U-Boot image onto the μSD card.
  6. Insert the μSD card into the MK802 and boot.

uBoot Memory

Again, this is to be taken with a grain of salt for the moment as I have not been able to confirm whether this has indeed allowed for more than 512MB of memory to be addressed. We should know more once I have a Linux Kernel running on the board.

Still more to come.

Edit: This turned out to be a cosmetic change, any Kernel booted would only detect a 512MB of available memory. There is some information floating around on how a patched 1GB U-Boot was prepared over at the hno-uboot project’s Issue Page.

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